Liquality is...

a vision for a more open and equitable future, where anyone can access the global digital economy in a free, secure, and efficient way.

Watch Liquality contributor Símon describe Liquality and Atomic Swaps in depth:

The Mission

Contributors enable Liquality by building the solutions and tools for accessible, efficient liquidity networks.


Completely Accessible
Equally Accessible
  • Everyone/thing is allowed and welcomed
  • No single party can deny anyone or anything the right to use and benefit from the community’s output
Radically Transparent
Radically Transparent
  • Open source code and open communication, sharing widely and always seeking new ideas & opinions
Reflexive and User-driven
Reflexive and User-driven
  • Focus on solving real problems
  • Develop tools which are iterative, self-reflexive and adaptive, driven by the collective wisdom of the user community
Disintermediation as Enabler
Disintermediation as Enabler
  • Fulfill the promise of decentralization, strive to find new models instead of recreating old ones