Cross-chain Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin, Dai, and Ether

Atomic Swap between BTC, DAI, and ETH with minimal risk and fees, while maintaining control over your private keys

The Atomic Swap Interface is live on mainnet!

Run your own Atomic Swap Interface    or   Swap using our web app for convenience

Unnecessary tokens add friction to atomic swaps; Liquality is ICO free

Liquality Cross-chain Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps minimize trusted third party arbitration and the cost of mediation

Disintermediation: No Middlemen

By removing dependencies on trusted third parties, risk and cost are minimized; no more unnecessary fees, tokens, deposits, and withdrawals to transact

Private Key Security: Users maintain ownership and custody

Private Key Security: Ownership and Custody

Retain control, custody, and security over your own keys and funds

Atomic swaps minimize counterparty and settlement risks

Atomic and Final: No Counterparty or Settlement Risk

Atomic swaps are programmatically guaranteed to either happen securely or not happen at all

Interoperable blockchain networks; cross-chain compatibility and development

Interoperable Blockchain Networks

Atomic swaps of cryptocurrencies across different blockchains enable cross-chain interoperability

Completely free and open source software, built through community

Free and Open Source Software

All code is open source and promotes freedom. Additionally, no fees or membership tokens are mandated upon the user to participate in Liquality


Cryptocurrency markets suffer from trusted third parties and the cost of mediation

Why trust centralized services and DEXs when swapping crypto over-the-counter (OTC)?

Cryptocurrency networks aim to be natively secure and peer-to-peer, yet their markets suffer from the added friction, risk, and cost of trusted third parties. As a result, liquidity is constrained in silos.

Cross-chain atomic swaps are the cheapest and most secure way to swap cryptocurrencies OTC

Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs) and Atomic Swaps represent the critical elements for programmable money, allowing users to not only save on unnecessary fees, but also significantly reduce counterparty, settlement, and custodial risks. Through these base-layer smart contracts, we can build a value management system that enables shared, accessible, and efficient liquidity networks.

Through cross-chain atomic swaps, Liquality minimizes the cost of mediation and enables an internet of money

The Chain Abstraction Layer - Powering Interoperable Blockchain Development

A reference library for developers that abstracts away blockchain logic for simple cross-chain interoperability and development.

Projects that are using the Chain Abstraction Layer include: Atomic Loans

Build with the Chain Abstraction Layer    or   Learn more about the CAL