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Multi-Chain Wallet With Atomic Swaps
Simple and Free
No Registration
Trustless Security

Browser Extension Wallet

  • Swap, Hold, Send, Receive Tokens In Multiple Chains
  • Swap From Your Wallet To External Addresses
  • One Click Atomic Swaps
liquality wallet cross chain atomic swap animation
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Simple and Free
No account sign-ups, deposits, "utility" tokens, wrapped tokens, or other complicated setup requirements. And we do not add any fees to your trades.
Liquality software gets transaction permissions from wallets that you control. Only you have access to the assets you place in a trade.
No Registration
Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum-based tokens (ETH, USDC, DAI, USDT, WBTC, UNI), and Rootstock tokens (RBTC) without the need to provide any personal data. Keep your private data safe.
Trustless Security
Our atomic swaps enable direct and risk-free trade with partners, eliminating the need for costly exchange services that are preferred targets for hackers.
Matteo Leibowitz
The Block
"The Liquality team’s emphasis on disintermediation is formidable, to the extent to which even non-custodial protocols like 0x fail to satisfy their vision for a trustless exchange primitive."
Joe Lubin
Ethereum And ConsenSys
"Networks can be linked to one another laterally, using bridges or using the Liquality technology, which can enable unintermediated trustless atomic swaps or message passing across network boundaries."
Daniela Osorio
"Most web3 exchanges are still centralized, while Liquality is actually a decentralized exchange. Not having to trust a custodian is a gamechanger for users. Really unlocking the value of blockchain technology through an atomic swap protocol."
John Lilic
Code To Inspire And ConsenSys
"No ICO funding, zero intermediation, cross-chain Atomic Swaps between #Bitcoin, #Dai, & #Ether, beautiful design, simple UX, 100% open source"
Leah Callon-Butler
Director, Emfarsis Consulting
“Liquality is one of the most daring experiments in decentralization. Their vision to bring access and equality to financial services is visionary and deeply values-driven. Theirs is a team and technology building at the edge, for the benefit of those who dream of an economic reckoning.”
Our Solutions
Multi-Chain Atomic Swap Wallet
The Liquality wallet is the first multi-chain browser extension wallet, making it the easiest way to swap crypto across blockchains. Send, receive and swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20s, and Rootstock RBTC while maintaining full control of your assets.
Liquality Atomic Swap Wallet
Atomic Swap Interface
Atomic swap cryptocurrency across blockchains without having to trust a custodian or counterparty. Swap directly from your MetaMask or Ledger wallet securely, privately, and cost-effectively.
Liquality Atomic Swap Interface
Chain Abstraction Layer (CAL)
A reference library for developers that translates blockchain logic into simplified cross-chain interoperability for their blockchain applications. CAL is currently being used in applications for DEX, DeFi, Layer 1, and Layer 2 scaling solutions.
Liquality Atomic Swap Chain Abstraction Layer
Disintermediation and Our Approach to DeFi:
Hash Time Locked Contracts and Atomic Swaps
Liquality Atomic Swap Hash Time Locked Contracts HTLCs
Atomic Swaps
Atomic swaps enable two parties who don’t know or trust each other to trade without a trusted third party. Through smart contract escrows, the atomic swap is guaranteed to either execute successfully or refund the parties involved. By eliminating a third party intermediary, atomic swaps offer traders greater security, privacy, and cost-savings.The smart contracts used for Liquality’s atomic swaps are completely user-owned-and-deployed. It is impossible for us to add middlemen fees, censor your transaction, or activate a kill switch, like most other “decentralized” exchanges.
Atomic Swaps Explained: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They Are Important
Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs)
HTLCs form the foundational primitives for applications such as atomic swaps, the Lightning Network, and more. Their role as time-bound conditional escrows for transactions significantly reduce counterparty risk for traders. Liquality HTLCs are based on the battle-tested standards BIP199 and ERC1630, which are highly secure, have the lowest fees, and are interoperable with future HTLC-based applications.
Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs) Explained
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Decentralization ≠ Disintermediation
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