Your freedom to transact is a human right

Swap without intermediation peer-to-peer, cross chain

The Problem

Liquidity is limited because it is siloed, making it impossible to exchange any asset for another.

We believe DEXs in the market today fail to solve this problem because they are:

  • Not decentralized - they are intermediating users in the process of exchanging their value via relayers, indexers, or owned contracts, acting as central point of failure
  • Blockchain specific (mainly Ethereum) - their architecture is entirely dependent on one specific chain
  • Not connected - only by designing a truly disintermediated solution can peers interact freely in an interconnected network. Anything else creates incentives for isolation.

The Solution

  • Enter Liquality. A disintermediated way to swap cross-chain, truly peer-to-peer. Not even we can interfere with your exchange.
  • Liquality is built on a blockchain- and asset-agnostic open source library, taking the step first towards an open, neutral, transparent, borderless, censorship resistant interconnected liquidity network.

Swap with Liquality

Trade crosschain

Liquality is built using cross-chain atomic swaps and with the flexibility to expand into all blockchains and asset types

Swap truly peer to peer, no intermediary

No relayers, indexers, trusted third party or intermediary smart contracts in the middle of your transaction.

Control your own keys

You are always in total control of your assets, using the wallet you want and not the one someone imposes on you

No token needed, pay 0 fees

A token between parties would only introduce friction, and we believe the exchange of value should be free and friction-free. We are a 100% ICO free zone.

Completely open source, built through community

Liquality is entirely open source. We take our values seriously.

Access a shared liquidity network

Built on coinponents. Liquality is one interface of many to a connected network, sharing liquidity and allowing for better counterparty and price discovery.

Built with coinponents

an open source, community driven wallet component set of libraries to build disintermediated cross-chain applications for interconnected liquidity