Today, we’re excited to release Rootstock support in all Liquality tools & software - Rootstock users can send, receive, hodl, atomic swap, use RSK dapps, and more with the Liquality Wallet!

The Liquality Wallet offers a frictionless experience when using Rootstock dapps and the fastest, simplest way to convert between Bitcoin and Rootstock: Atomic swap between the two blockchains in ~11 minutes with our open-source, secure, and easy to use browser-extension blockchain wallet (vs. ~16hrs with the 2-way RSK peg or Coinswitch).

Atomic Swap BTC<>RBTC with the Liquality Wallet

The in-wallet atomic swap feature allows users to swap trustlessly amongst a number of different tokens (currently RBTC, BTC, ETH, USDC, DAI, USDT, WBTC, UNI). Users can atomic swap between RBTC and all the tokens listed above in a truly non-custodial, peer-to-peer way with guaranteed executions or refunds. To learn more about how atomic swaps work, feel free to check out our blog posts on atomic swaps and hash time locked contracts.

After atomic swapping from BTC to RBTC, Liquality Wallet users can then access RSK dapps like Sovryn to lend, borrow, and margin trade RBTC.

RSK Injection for Dapps with the Liquality Wallet 

We’re very thankful for the folks at IOV Labs for supporting the RSK development in our codebase and for Liquality Wallet users like Leonardo who actively advocated for RSK support. We are excited to support the Bitcoin DeFi movement with the RSK community.

Access the worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now Rootstock all within the Liquality Wallet:

Interested in adding the Liquality Wallet as an option for your dapp? Or maybe you want to broaden your community’s access into other blockchains? Contact us on Telegram.