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After millions of dollars in atomic swaps with 0 loss of user funds, we wanted to bring automated transactions to our users.

So we launched the Liquality Wallet: a client-side wallet that enables users to atomic swap in a single click.

By the end of 2020, we saw over 1,000 users download the wallet and swap millions more in volume, and we’ve also extended the Chain Abstraction Layer to another blockchain (Rootstock).
Client-side wallet
Server-side wallet
Atomic swap interface
Automation engine
Chain Abstraction Layer (SDK)
Blockchain Logic + Standards + Transaction Types
Blockchain logic + standards + transaction types
Though each blockchain has its own nuances, they often use common standards and transaction types. For example, Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs) are implemented in Bitcoin according to the BIP199 spec, and in Ethereum according to the ERC1630 spec.
Chain abstraction layer (SDK)
  • When creating cross-chain application, developers shouldn’t have to learn different tech stacks. Using the Chain Abstraction Layer (SDK), developers can easily interface with multiple blockchains to quickly create applications like Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps.
  • Developers can increase their favorite blockchain’s network effects by adding their blockchain to the Chain Abstraction Layer. Read the Docs
automation engine
An Automation Engine can smooth workflows that require multiple transactions (like atomic swaps), allowing wallets to sign transactions with minimal interaction.
Swap interface (dapp)
This dapp was the first working implementation of BIP199 and ERC1630 specs. Wallets (like MetaMask and Ledger) which do not natively support these standards could atomic swap across blockchains through this interface.
server-side wallet (agent)
This server-side wallet leverages an automation engine to perform complex transactions like atomic swaps on its own. This “agent” acts as an always-available counterparty in the Swap Interface.
client-side wallet (our flagship product)
  • This client-side wallet enables users to atomic swap in a single click. It takes advantage of our full stack, from the standards embedded in the Chain Abstraction Layer to the automation engine.
  • Merchants can easily invoke the Liquality Wallet to create a smooth checkout experience by implementing BIP21-compatible payment URI’s.
  • Dapps can easily invoke users’ Liquality Wallets and automate transaction workflows. Read the Docs
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